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Bought A Home With A Septic Tank? Tips To Maintain It Properly


If you recently bought a home that uses a septic tank, you may wonder how you can maintain the tank properly. Although septic tanks can be good ways to save money on water and sewage disposal, they may overwhelm some homeowners, especially individuals who have never owned one in the past. But with the right tips, you can maintain your septic tank successfully. 

Keep Trees and Plants Away From the Tank

Like any other large, metal structure, septic tanks can be vulnerable to damage. To protect the metal housing of your tank, keep trees and plants away from it and its drainfield. The root systems of plants have a tendency to spread out into areas with a good water supply, including water, sewer lines and plumbing pipes. Even though septic tanks and drainfields process wastewater, tree roots may still seek them out as a water source.

If roots grow around the tank, they can crush or crack it. The roots may also wrap around the pipes that connect the tank directly to your home and other structures that rely on the septic system. If these problems persist, your septic tank can fail. 

You may experience small problems first, such as a clogged or slow draining toilet, kitchen sink or bathtub. As the problem becomes worse, you might notice a strange sewer smell inside your home and around your property. The waste and water from the tank may seep of the ground and show up elsewhere on your property. If the waste runs off into a nearby water system, such as a river, pond or lake, it can cause algae to grow in it. Not only can an overgrowth of algae harm the life in the water system, it can also cause health issues for you and other people. 

To avoid the issues above and protect your septic tank system, remove any plants and trees that grow too close to the tank or drainfield. If you can't remove the trees, have a tree contractor place barriers around their roots. If done correctly and safely, the root barriers will prevent the roots from seeking out your septic system for water.

Pump Your Septic Tank

After you protect your septic tank and drainfield from plant roots, contact a septic tank contractor inspect for services. A contractor can examine your septic tank to see if it needs pumping. Pumping improves the functions of the tank and health of the drain field by removing built-up gunk from system. 

Gunk can build up inside the lines that connect the tank to your house. Most of the gunk comes from placing grease, sanitary napkins and other household items into the home's plumbing system. Some man-made products don't break down and can clog up the tank over time. 

A number of states like Massachusetts recommend that homeowners pump their tanks every three years. If you use a garbage disposal, you should pump the tank on an annual basis. A septic tank contractor can discuss when you should pump your tank when they visit your home. 

After a contractor cleans out your septic tank, keep it in good shape by placing cooking grease and oil in a grease trap instead of washing or flushing them down your sink drains or toilet. Have someone pick up or clean the grease trap on a regular basis. Also, inspect your property often for signs of a bad septic tank. If you notice damp soil or grass that doesn't dry up properly, such as when the sun's out, contact a contractor for services. Your septic tank may have clogs other problems that require immediate attention.

For more information about your septic tank or how to maintain it, contact a contractor, like those at Rob's Septic Tanks Inc, in your area.


26 September 2016