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Maintaining The Storm Drains On Your Property

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A storm drain can be a critical piece of infrastructure for preventing your property from flooding. Unfortunately, individuals will often take these drain systems for granted, which can lead to them failing to be diligent with performing the maintenance that is needed to keep water flowing into these systems.

What Are The Potential Problems If A Property Owner Fails To Maintain Their Storm Drain System?

During moderate to heavy rain, it can be possible for vast quantities of water to be dropped on your property. This could lead to significant flooding, but storm drains can greatly mitigate this as they will provide a path for the excess water to go. Unfortunately, individuals that do not maintain their storm drain systems will find that their properties can be far more susceptible to developing erosion and flood damage. If the storm drain is located relatively close to your home, this can even lead to a much higher risk of water intrusion damage occurring to the house. As a result of these risks, the storm drains that are on your property should be regularly serviced by professionals to ensure the water is able to continue flowing through them.

Is Keeping The Grate Of The Storm Drain Clear Of Debris Sufficient Maintenance?

Keeping the grate of the storm durian clear of large debris can be the most basic type of maintenance that this system will need. In particular, this can be a major problem during the fall months due to the large number of leaves that will fall from the trees. Additionally, you may also need to clean the drains following major storms as the wind and hail from these events could cause branches and sticks to fall to the ground where runoff may carry them to the storm drain. Unfortunately, this is not the only maintenance that is needed as large amounts of sediments and other debris could enter the storm drain. Removing these substances can require a professional to complete due to the extreme weight of the storm drain and the hazards that come with this work.

What Can You Do To Minimize The Frequency That Your Storm Drain Needs To Undergo Professional Maintenance?

There are a handful of basic steps that can help to reduce the tendency of your storm drain to become clogged. Trimming any weakened or dead tree branches can minimize the risk of large sticks entering the storm drain and becoming trapped. Additionally, instituting effective erosion control measures can also reduce the amount of dirt and other sediments that are able to enter the storm drain system.

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1 June 2022