2 Items To Consider When You Want To Install Home Solar Panels

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Installing solar panels on your home's roof is a great way to help reduce the cost of your electricity bill every month. As you are considering making a solar panel installation on your home, here are two items to consider in the power upgrade. Determine Your Home's Solar Power Needs It's important to first figure out how much energy you will need from your solar panels. Call your power company and find out how much power you use over the year so you can calculate what your average usage is.

16 November 2016

Bought A Home With A Septic Tank? Tips To Maintain It Properly


If you recently bought a home that uses a septic tank, you may wonder how you can maintain the tank properly. Although septic tanks can be good ways to save money on water and sewage disposal, they may overwhelm some homeowners, especially individuals who have never owned one in the past. But with the right tips, you can maintain your septic tank successfully.  Keep Trees and Plants Away From the Tank

26 September 2016

Bio Energy | Moving Beyond The Sun And Wind

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As residents of this planet, people have all known for some time that they need to seek out alternative sources of fuel as the population increases. Fossil fuels, like natural gas and coal, are finite resources. They will eventually disappear. While both solar energy and wind power are viable and eco-friendly options, there are many more solutions available that are worth exploring further. 1. Energy Crops: These are quick growing, low maintenance crops that are harvested with the sole intent of converting them into biofuels, like bioethanol.

11 August 2016

Helping A Hoarder Unpack A Home

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While the hoarder reality show fad seems to have passed, there are still thousands of people who suffer from this issue and need help digging themselves out from under it. There's a psychological and environmental component to hoarding, and both must be addressed if the affected person is to successfully overcome the problem. If you have a loved one who has begun working with a mental health professional and now needs help cleaning out their overstuffed home, here are two tips for getting the job done.

13 July 2016